Voice Screen Lock : Voice Lock 2022

Open your phone and voice. Beautiful and familiar voice lock lock for any Android device. Set a voice password and use it to unlock your device.

Using your default lock to lock and unlock your phone is no longer valid. Use a new way to lock/unlock your phone using your voice and secure your phone in other ways.

You use different locks and designs by protecting your personal or sensitive information.

You want a different lock screen that works with your voice. So your wish has been granted.

The Voice Screen Lock app gives you a new style of screen lock by telling you your password and unlocking your lock.

This Smart Voice Lock Screen works with your voice recognition which sets your phone apart from others as well and we provide the Capped Lock Screen Method with this application!

If you don’t want to tell others about your “voice information” or you can’t unlock your phone using your voice or password password because it doesn’t bother you your phone will lock forever. You can use another PIN code option to unlock your phone.

– Activate your voice lock by single click on the mic and set the password.
– Improve safety by using the main building options provided in the series.
– There are different HD modes to change the theme.
– Set your own vocabulary.
– You can also set a numeric expression if the phonetic expression does not work.
– Use friendly and best open source voices
– Show the date and time on the screen.
– Change the color of the time and date.
– Change the mode of the baptismal font to make your lock screen more attractive.

If you find the app useful, don’t forget about the 5 stars.


Thanks for the support.

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