Tips To Maximize Your Mobile Battery Performance

Mobile phones are an integral part of our daily lives. We all tend to get frustrated when our device has low battery. Thus it is important that we optimize the battery’s performance by doing some simple tricks.

Tips To Maximize Your Mobile Battery Performance

Tips To Maximize Your Mobile Battery Performance

Check your applications

Many times there are rogue applications which keep running in background and drain out the charge. It is advisable to kill these unnecessary apps by seeing the notification panel, if you find any application draining out more than 10% of your battery, then check for its settings and disable them manually. Disabling these applications also reduces their usage on RAM thus making your device faster too!

Don’t use Live wallpapers

Live wallpapers can be quite flashy sometimes with heavy graphics but they work against the phone’s processor and thus tend to lower the battery’s performance. So it is better not to use such wallpapers and if your device offers you the option of changing the wallpaper, select images on plain colors like black or white so that they do not draw much power from your mobile device.

Lower down the brightness

While outdoors, it is recommended to turn up the brightness level so that you can see everything clearly but when indoors, set it at medium levels so as not to strain your eyes.

Also try switching off this feature when watching videos to save some extra juice. When working on your laptop, many times phone’s screen turns off due to inactivity which again leads to unnecessary drain out of battery. So next time just keep it connected via USB whenever you work on your laptop.

Try to keep the phone from overheating

Generally during charging, mobile device tends to get heated up a bit but if it is continuously heating for more than an hour then there might be some hardware issue. Thus make sure that you use an original charger and USB cable as using unauthentic products can also cause problems like not connecting properly or slow charge due to poor connections.

If your phone gets really hot after 2-3 minutes of charging, then stop using it and take it to repair center as there might be some electronic problem with its battery which may result in an explosion.

Don’t buy cheap chargers!

Many cheap chargers tend to give bad signals leading to the malfunctioning of the phone’s software. It is better to buy branded chargers that come with good reviews and provide required power supply to the phone.

This article was focused on making your battery life last longer. Their advice include checking application settings, not using Live wallpapers, changing screen brightness, keeping mobile device free from overheating, using original chargers and cables, avoiding cheap unauthentic products and finally not buying poor quality chargers.

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