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Only a student who wants to continue his education in Canada, who is looking for a job in Canada or who is just going to Canada.

You live in Canada, and you want to be a Canadian citizen. This app is for you too.

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Of course you need to improve your immigration, procedures and citizenship. That’s why we bring you the latest breaking news from the most popular immigration sites in Canada.

It is very difficult to keep track of all the news outlets and you are often lost in the risk of accessing illegal and / or fake websites.

For all these reasons, we bring you the latest news on formal immigration, citizenship and visa procedures, changes to procedures, new regulations, government decisions (permanent residency / Canadian culture) in preparation for the Canadian Citizenship Test 2019.

We bring you the latest news on education, Canadian jobs in various categories (Education, Health, Finance, Engineering, Year Center, Office Management, Sports).


Canadian refugees provide assistance to refugees in Toronto, Ontario, Montreal, Quebec, Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, Edmonton, Siscaton, Ottawa, Gulf, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Vancouver, British Columbia, Alberta, Hamilton, and Ontario.

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All about Canadian immigration, visas, Canadian citizenship and permanent residence.

Canada Immigration Chamber to discuss Canadian Immigration Legal Process (Fast Entry) Canada Visa / Canada Visa Lottery 2019.

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Visa in Canada.

We provide you with regular updated immigration definitions in Canada, new style descriptions and modifications, and helpful tips for each refugee.

In addition, through the Counseling Category, we have joined you to take all your suggestions into consideration when migrating to Canada.

Canadian culture introduces you through a special category designed to introduce you to the Canadian way of life before you arrive.

This application does not represent any governmental or non-governmental refugee agency / biology in Canada. This application is designed to simplify the lives of thousands of people around the world by providing accurate information, accurate information at the right time.

If you do not find what you are looking for, let us know by email. We look forward to helping you as much as possible.

Beautiful and interesting videos Apk.

All about Canadian immigration, visas, Canadian citizenship and permanent residence.

The fastest and safest way to book a Canadian visa is through our visa application!

The Canadian Visa App is an Android mobile application that helps travelers meet all Canadian visa requirements based on the latest laws, regulations and amendments provided by the Regional Canada Visa Application Center. You can now book a Canadian Visa online anywhere on your device.

Canadian tourist visas and Canadian tourist visas are necessary documents to enter the Canadian territory. Similarly, Indian citizens need a legal visa to travel to Canada. Apply for a Canadian tourist visa using our simple Canadian Visa mobile application.

Visa in Canada.

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Canadian visa types

The Canadian tourist visa is valid for 90 days. This Canadian visa is the only entry visa that allows one-time travel. It usually takes 30 to 35 days for your Canadian visa application to process. Canadian Transit Visitors Visitors and Visitors and those who pass through the Canadian Immigration Office can apply for a Canadian Transit Visa.

For Canadian visa documents:

Get the original passport
Passport The last two photos of the passport

The passenger should mention the name and date of birth at the end of the photo.
Travel details, travel details, purpose of visit and residence letter. (The letter must be stamped by a qualified signer and submitted to the Visa Officer, High Commission Canada, New Delhi)
Job application / appointment letter / NOC Salary (job confirmation).

Credit card statement of the past 6 months (transfer of foreign currency certificate) / passenger check / fixed deposit / asset transfer (professional).

Visa in Canada.

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The main employee leave letter should be at the top of the company’s letter, stating your role, salary and first date and the employee’s name, address and phone number.

It is a step-by-step guide to Canada and other Canadian public relations / work permits / students / visitors / immigrants / immigrants and visa process.


This application provides Canadian Immigration Advice with years of personal experience and can upgrade your application to Canada with simple tools, tutorials and tips at your request. Ken Para is a general guide to immigration to Canada, especially through Express Entry PR (permanent residence). This application includes Canada as a refugee destination, creating a profile, improving the overall rating system (CRS), obtaining various visas, and living as a refugee (or student or work permit). Details are available. And steps toward successful solutions.

Beautiful and interesting videos Apk.

All about Canadian immigration, visas, Canadian citizenship and permanent residence.

Toronto – Ontario, Montreal – Quebec, Calgary – Alberta, Edmonton – Alberta, Saskatchewan – Saskatchewan, Ottawa – Ontario, Gulf – Ontario, Winnipeg – Ontario, Winnipeg – Winnipeg. Regional Registration Related Programs (PNPs) in Ontario and many other Canadian cities, including the Atlantic Migration Program (AIPP).

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