Scholarship for Completing Studies for Students 2022-2023

The international company RWTH Aachen can offer “Studied A Schuss” scholarships to supplement your application under my DAAD STIBET financial program with funding from the German Foreign Office. These “Studied A Schuss” scholarships support the academic success of mature international students, who are in the final stages of their studies.

Eligibility for scholarships Completing

RWTH students are eligible if they • complete a degree program at RWTH, have a foreign country and become , which means they have earned their university degree in a German school, with the exception of German schools in the country. other in. final period of their studies • living in Germany during this last period can provide proof of good grades (a minimum of 2.5) • will graduate within the next 12 months (by start of business) RWTH students are unqualified if they • are students who have changed or studied part-time in Aachen • enroll only in German language instruction • are German citizens • have university entrance qualifications German from German schools or from German schools abroad • have already received DAAD-CAP Matching Scholarships • will be abroad after graduation

Benefits for scholarships

This short-term education is offered for five months with a refund of 500 euros per month. Members will be notified by mail whether they have been selected or not.

Application Period

Application form and financial statement Please submit a statement of your financial situation as soon as possible – for example, if you have already received a loan from the bank for your study, then submit a loan and paperwork. of current contract and side work, as well as income earned as part of your master’s program when writing your essay. • Current subscription form • Current transcript has an average rating that can be printed by RWTHonline. Medical students can get a list of grades offered by the Dean company. • Vitae Tabular newsletter • Passport and residence permit forms • Expert opinion of academic advisor / information on curriculum and academic results List of department heads • Registration for final examination – by ZPA or certification by entries correspond to transcript of o if you did not register at the time of booking, please submit proof of time of writing your newsletter • Bank account statement for the last four weeks at the time of booking • required documents current employment contract in the case of secondary finance. as a student assistant and other employment contract. If your employment ceases at the beginning of or during the association, or if the number of working hours has changed, this must be confirmed. • Note: We cannot accept incomplete applications or submit after the deadline. The application must be accompanied by a PDF document. We will not accept e-mails or letters sent.

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