Phone Hardware & Software Info

Know your device with all the information of your device software, hardware, system apps or other apps.

Various detailed information of your phone as below :
– Device software information – manufacturer, model no., serial no., etc.
– Processor Information : know what processor your phone is using, how much memory is used by system apps and more.
– OS Info : know your phone android version and check for update.
– Memory Info – Get details of your Internal and External memory.
– Sensors : Check all sensors available.
– Battery Info: Check your battery health and know details about your phone battery.
– Camera Info : Get all details about front camera or back cameras.
– Display Info : Know what is the size of your phone display, it’s resolution and more.
– Bluetooth Info : Get information about and test it.
– Thermal Info : Check the thermal information of your device.
– Sim Info : Get full sim data like its serial number, mobile network name, etc.
– Network Type : Check different network your device is compatible to.
– System app : Check all the system apps and the memory it is using.
– User app information : Get list of your user apps.

Also along with all device information you can also test your device hardware and features like :

– Test your front, back camera.
– Test Flashlight.
– Test display for any dot or color problem.
– Test phone speaker – microphone, loud speaker and earphone speaker.
– Check all sensors like – light, vibration, fingerprint,
– Test your connectivity like – Bluetooth, WiFi, Network,
– Test your battery health.

All in one device information and phone tester.

Very useful while buying a used phone.

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