Oops! AppLock 2022

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“Interesting and useful.” – Android Management.


Hey! App Lock uses no password on the screen. Foundation or basic system.

We use the volume key form as the keyword. You can create any pattern using the volume key, such as UP UP UP DOWN UP.

– Open App is fully visible.

– Oops App Screen Lock is the most secure lock.

– Use Ops App Screen Lock No one can unlock your phone.

– Use Ops App Screen Lock so no one knows the phone is locked.

– Op App Screen Lock has different styles to choose from.

– Open App is the safest way to lock apps.

– No one will know that your app is locked with Opus App.

– Uploading is easy.

– Op App is fun to use.

– OpenApp can lock any application.

– You can configure different information for your lock in the entire app lock and ops app.

– Bright and dark colors seem to stand out to your application.

– Fool with common traditions by using Ops App.

Tips – When choosing a natural background, make sure it matches the size of your screen to avoid darkening of the image.

Explain how

Application negotiation,

Please report from the box in the xda forum, so I can get in touch with you.
Help me translate into other languages

And AppLock uses administrator permissions.
Please enable AppLock as “Device Manager”. And the app is only used to protect the hacker.
Be successful.


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