Important Tips Secure Your Phone data from Hackers

As the world is becoming more and more digital, you need to protect your sensitive data from hackers. Mobile devices are no exception for this, even if they may seem less offensive than desktops or laptops, the truth is that you shouldn’t take security for granted on any device.

Important Tips Secure Your Phone data from Hackers

Digital security experts say that mobile phones are just as vulnerable to hacking as desktops, maybe even easier given how much information cellphones can carry today. And if you’re concerned about privacy, it’s good to know some tips on the ways you can make sure your data stays safe.

Important Tips Secure Your Phone data from Hackers

Below we give you a few very useful tips of what you should do to secure your phone against potential threats:

Use encryption

This has become standard practice these days (iOS and Android support this feature). With a strong passcode, your phone encrypts all the data saved in its storage chip. It doesn’t matter how hard someone tries to break it open, they won’t be able to access your information without the password you entered the first time when turning on encryption.

The hard part about using an encrypted mobile device is that typically if you forget or lose your password, there’s no going back and you will have to do a complete reset of your device just to get rid of the fact that you forgot your code. So try to use a very complex code that not even YOU can remember!

Privacy Screen Protector

Enable a privacy screen protector which keeps prying eyes from reading e-mail messages, text messages and so forth when you are not in control of your device. It is made of glass, practically scratch proof and very strong in order to prevent people from looking at what you are doing on your phone when you’re not around.

Remote Wipe Tool

Use the remote wipe tool offered by most new smartphone devices. If your phone is stolen or lost there’s no need to panic, just pick up another connected device (like a computer), go into the settings of your mobile device remotely using an app, and delete all data so nobody else can gain access to it.

Not many people realize this but you can actually find out where your cell was located in history if you were willing to invest some time on it. Many smartphones come with GPS which constantly sends out information about location of the device.

So if you care about privacy and don’t want anyone to know where you were yesterday, for example, simply turn off GPS until the next time when you need it. This way nobody can snoop around and see your previous location.

Be Careful with Apps & Downloads

Be careful with apps and downloads: enable the so-called “sandboxing” function on your device in order to prevent unauthorized apps from accessing sensitive content on your phone. Otherwise an app’s malware may try to gain access to contact list or other features which are stored separately on the device, something that will cause big problems if not dealt with swiftly.

Keep in mind that hackers are getting smarter day by day, so even if implement all these security options now there is no guarantee they won’t be able to crack your codes eventually. So you should consider investing in new devices on a regular basis, this way if one of them gets hacked at least you can be sure that not all your data is compromised.

Hope you liked the tips, stay protected!

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