7 steps To Successfully Outsource Your Online Business

Today I’m going to talk to you about how easy it is to outsource your own online business.

As you hopefully know by now, running an Internet business is unlike any other type of business. One very important difference is the fact that if you are seriously committed to making money online then you will be spending a significant amount of time working at your computer.

7 steps To Successfully Outsource Your Online Business

It is no longer possible to make money online unless you are working at your computer, which means that it’s also not possible to successfully run an online business if you are taking care of all the technical, marketing and sales related tasks yourself.

I’m sure you have already realised this but one of the main reasons why most people fail with their online businesses is because they don’t understand how important outsourcing is for running a successful business.

This really is a fact… If you want to succeed online then  you absolutely must outsource . Not tomorrow or next week, today !!!

The big question is how do you outsource your business? What tasks should you outsource to others and what type of people should you hire?

Well, there are lots of options available including Virtual Assistants, Internet Marketers, Freelancers and so on. In this article I’m going to share with you 7 steps to successfully outsource your online business, because finding the right people for the job is absolutely critical if you want to succeed.

7 steps To Successfully Outsource Your Online Business

1) Record Your Own Personal Video

A personal video that explains exactly what kinds of services you are looking for in more detail than text will really help hugely when trying to attract potential outsourcers.

Well-known outsourcing websites allow you to upload videos with information about yourself and your business, but these types of websites can often very time consuming and tedious to use.

So I actually recommend recording your own personal video and uploading it to YouTube. This way you will be able to share your video with individuals directly without having to deal with all the unnecessary steps that outsourcing websites put in place.

Ultimately, using a well-known website is much easier for attracting potential outsourcers simply because they are already established and trusted by many people.

But if you want an edge over other people who post their videos on such sites then take this route instead as there’s no point paying out money for something that you could do yourself free of charge 🙂

2) Use Recruitment Forums

There are lots of forums online where Internet Marketers and Freelancers hang out, waiting to be recruited. If you don’t have time to go hunting for potential outsourcers then simply post a topic in one of these forums explaining what you are looking for.

Remember that the more detailed information you provide about yourself and your business, the better your chances will be of finding people who will be interested in working with you.

3) Advertise on Job Boards

Another way to attract potential outsourcers is by using job boards. There are lots of listings available online so if you want an edge over other people trying to recruit new outsourcers then you should take some time to create an eye catching ad which no doubt will help snag the attention of others viewing it.

Post your ad in as many job boards as possible and include a link to your video which will help others understand exactly what it is you are looking for.

4) Use Your Contacts

Your friends, family and contacts from other walks of life may be able to refer you to someone who can help take care of certain tasks related to your online business.

If you have a friend or a relative who has experience with outsourcing then ask them if they know anyone that might be interested in working with you. This route is definitely the most time consuming but the more people you ask around the higher chance there is of success.

5) Make Use Of Your Existing Network

If there are certain contacts within your existing network who have experience working online then why not ask them whether they know anyone who can help out? If someone says yes, get them to send you an email with further details so that following steps 1-7 are no longer required on your part.

This route not only saves you time but money as well, since there are no recruitment fees associated with this option!

6) Get Your Existing Team To Outsource

If you already have employees or workers who work for you then one way to run an online business is by having them outsource certain tasks which they don’t specialize in themselves.

By training up your current workforce it’s possible to get them to take care of some video related stuff instead of taking that task away from yourself. You can either train up existing employees or hire new ones who have the right skills needed for outsourcing – whichever route you choose is entirely up to you.

7) Use Professional Freelancers By Hiring Them Directly

If you have a budget of at least $500 per month then there’s no reason why you can’t hire professional outsourcers or freelancers directly.

The obvious benefit of doing this is that you will get access to top quality people who specialize in what it is they do, but there are a number of disadvantages too.

First off, using a recruitment agency to outsource your business eliminates the need for middle men and also saves you time since you don’t even have to post an ad let alone go through with interviews etc.

And if your budget isn’t very big then I would recommend avoiding this route because professional freelancers usually cost more than newbies when it comes to.

These are the best 7 steps To Successfully Outsource Your Online Business. I hope you enjoyed and found it helpful.

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