6 Reasons Why IOS is better than Android

This article is for those who consider themselves as an Android user and keep on finding reasons to be one. It is not for those who already know why they chose Android over iOS.

6 Reasons Why IOS is better than Android

6 Reasons Why IOS is better than Android

So, here we go:

1-Ooperating System

It is interesting that you choose a mobile operating system that’s based on Linux kernel and GNU software just because it might be free of cost. Remember, nothing in this world comes without a price and let me help you with something — ‘Freedom’.

The very fact that the iOS source code isn’t available signifies that iOS doesn’t want its users to tinker around with their phone’s software which could possibly result into bricking the device or at worst case scenario jeopardize Apple’s reputation.

It is still better than Android’s track record where most of the devices never receive any security updates at all, or they get it months after Google releases a patch for that vulnerability in its open source OS.

2-Carriers and OEMs

Carriers and OEMs control what you can and can’t do with your device. While carriers love to block tethering apps on their network, OEMs love to ship their devices with locked bootloaders which users have no choice but to accept because there isn’t anything they can do about it.

At-least iOS doesn’t let carriers or OEMs control how you use your phone since Apple controls everything right from the source code till the final product — iOS running iPhone/iPad/iPod.

3-OS version

If you have too many friends who have Android devices, iOS is the only way to go because iOS apps are guaranteed to run on all iOS devices regardless of screen size or OS version thanks to Apple’s brilliant ‘Universal’ apps concept.

On the other hand, most of the Android apps are designed for phones and tablets with large screens running Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean can be a pain on a small phone with an outdated OS — imagine using the official Twitter app on that old device that runs Froyo!


You don’t find it important that your phone doesn’t come loaded with some useful features like Siri, iMessage, iCloud backup service etc., do you? Well, Android phones don’t come with some staple features like LED notification light either.

On the other hand, most of the OEMs have removed the dedicated hardware keys for home, back and menu from their Android devices resulting into an inconsistent user experience which is a pain if you ask me.


iPhone 4S users can brag about using the best camera phone in the market because Apple has been offering 8-megapixel cameras since iPhone 4 while Android manufacturers are still struggling to integrate a decent shooter on their phones.

While there are a few exceptions like Galaxy S3 or Sony Xperia Z etc., most of the high-end Android phones ship with a 13+ megapixel that captures 1080p videos at best.

6-User Experience

The most important reason why you should switch to iOS is the fact that Apple doesn’t leave any room for OEMs to modify their OS much in order to differentiate themselves from others. This results in a consistent user experience for end-users which in turn lets developers create innovative apps like Siri, iMessage, AirPlay etc., which are the best features on the iPhone 4S.

And no Android phone offers anything close to it due to fragmentation issues.

I hope this article helped you get closer to making your decision of choosing between iOS and Android because ultimately what matters is how happy you are with whatever device you choose. And if you’d like to share your views with us or if you have any queries, feel free to drop a line in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you!

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