5 Secrets About PUBG Mobile That Nobody Will Tell You

Do you want to enjoy PUBG Mobile without being kill by other players? Or are you are thinking of buying PUBG skins, but do not know which one is best for your style? If these questions sound like you, then this article will help.

5 Secrets About PUBG Mobile That Nobody Will Tell You
5 Secrets About PUBG Mobile That Nobody Will Tell You

5 Secrets About PUBG Mobile That Nobody Will Tell You

Here we go on some secrets about PUBG mobile game that nobody will tell you.

1. You can buy PUBG skins on sale at low prices

When first released the price of PUBG skins on sale was very expensive and hard to afford for many players. But luckily now there are deals where deals (such as Amazon Prime Day) during which time skins cost only a fraction of their usual price.

If you browse carefully, it is possible to find PUBG skin for $5, which is one-fifth of the usual price. So you should always check the game out when there are discounts because prices will drop up to 50% or more during these periods. If you think this is too much work, it may be worth your money to join a pool team so that someone can do it for you.

2. You can use an emulator on your phone

Do not have enough space on your phone? Do not want to get rid of all your other apps? Then install an emulator!

An emulator is a kind of software that allows you to run applications even if they were originally intended for other devices (in this case, PUBG Mobile for PCs!).

This works well unless the emulator has been detected by the game’s algorithm. But I have never encountered any problems with this, even when using bluestacks (the most common emulator out there).

3. There are ways to speed up the game

Tired of waiting hours for the play zone to shrink? Or perhaps you’re playing solo and do not want your teammates to look for loot while you’re still at base looking after the chicken dinner?!

Fortunately, there are tricks that can help you accelerate PUBG Mobile significantly! The best way is to connect via Wi-Fi because it allows faster internet access compared to cellular data (2x faster!). Another tip is to turn airplane mode on before beginning the game.

This makes your screen brighter than usual but saves time spend on loading screens . It is also helpful to set your device’s time ahead by a few hours before beginning the game. This will trick the server into thinking that you’re located in another part of the world and therefore allow it to quickly find suitable play areas for you.

4. You can transfer data from your PC to your phone

There may be times when you’ve been playing on PC for a while but do not want or can not afford a PUBG skin because of lack of funds or memory space. In this case, there is an alternative! I recently found out about a program called Share Play (by Sony) which allows me to share my screen with someone else over the internet!

They only need to install the program and then open a non-password protected link I send them. They will then have access to my computer and the only limit is the upload speed that you have since it works just like a YouTube video. So if your internet connection is fast enough, this program has no limits!

5. Treasure mode alternative

Do not want to spend a bunch of hours searching for treasure but still want to support the developer? Then this tip will be useful for you! PUBG mobile now offers “treasure box” bundles at a cost of $4.99 each (or equivalent in your country’s currency).

In these boxes, there are usually two types of items: 1) five random normal skins with a chance of rare ones, or 2) one special skin that can either be a legendary, epic or rare! In addition, there is a small chance that the skin you get will be banned from being used in competitions such as tournaments.

These items can be traded just like normal skins and used only on your own account. This has really helped me support PUBG mobile because I do not have to spend hours playing the game everyday but still want to give money for what I enjoy!

I hope these tips will help you improve your performance and experience! And please feel free to share any tips that could help fellow players! Comment below if it helped or if you simply enjoyed reading this article. Thank you very much for reading! 🙂

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